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President campaigns for NRM candidate for Rukungiri Women MP slot ---- BY PPU REPORTER

President campaigns for NRM candidate for Rukungiri Women MP slot
President Yoweri Museveni has  started canvassing for votes for the National Resistance Movement flag bearer, Winfred Matsiko Komuhangi, in the by-elections for the Women Parliamentary seat for Rukungiri District, South Western Region. 
Mr. Museveni who is the National Chairman of the NRM addressed 4 Movement supporters’rallies in Nyakishenyi, Nyarushanje, Buyanja and Kebisoni Sub-Counties in Rubabo County and asked the voters to send him leaders that will work with him to support Government programmes that will benefit the people of Rukungiri District. 
The Court of Appeal declared the Rukungiri Woman Seat vacant recently on grounds that the 2016 elections were marred 
by irregularities.  NRM’s Matsiko Komuhangi is tussling it out with opposition FDC’s Betty Muzanira and independents Prisca Seezi Mbaguta, Elizabeth Rwakutonera, Sheila Atukunda Kirebete and PPP’s Fabith Kukundakwe.
The NRM Chairman called on the people of Rukungiri District to support Ms. Winfred Matsiko Komuhangi in the by-election that is slated for 31stMay 2018. He outlined the achievements of the Movement and urged the wananchi support NRM candidates at all levels of elections because of the those achievements. 
"The government has built schools, roads, provided safe water supply and electricity at the national level. With these indicators be assured that alongside the construction of Rukungiri, Kihihi, Kanungu, Ishasha, Kambuga-Rugyeyo through Nyakishenyi to Kisiizi Rubaaare road will be constructed in government budget," he said. 
The President said that under the NRM Government, Rukungiri district has registered numerous achievements adding that it has 248 primary schools, 171 of them are government  aided and 110 are private. There are 44 secondary schools with 23 being government aided and 21 privately owned. 
He urged the people of Rubabo County to vote the NRM flag bearer Winfred Matsiko. 
“With the prevailing peace, infrastructural development, I need leaders who are supportive to government development programmes," he said. 
The President told the people of Rubabo County in particular and Rukungiri in general that “the Opposition, FDC have divergent and wrong ideas for the country.”
President Museveni reminded the people that poverty has no such thing like boundary based on tribal, religious inclinations. He, therefore, encouraged them to operationalize the government advice on the four acre model of agricultural projection and produce fruits, engage in piggery, poultry, fish farming and zero grazing especially for those  on a small  piece of land so that they are empowered to eradicating  household poverty. 
Others NRM supporters in the area who are with President Museveni to drum up support for Winfred Matsiko Komuhangi include Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, Paula Turyahikayo and General Henry Tumukunde who assured the NRM Chairman that the NRM flag bearer will win the bi- election.


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