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Europe Oria dust -Fathi Abdel Aziz Mohamed

Oria dust
Fathi Abdel Aziz Mohamed
The same day with the springy Middle Eastern daffy Daffy Shafeef, I felt bad when I saw a boulder bathe not on the banks of the Litani river in the Upper Galilee or Kiryat Shmona or in the vicinity of Lake Tiberias. Fascist rule in the town of Nazareth, Vtuart Mahtavp and dropped her long hair long Vgtha all and the soles of her feet
This is the Lord's will to raise the Almighty from whom He wills from a humble origin to a prophet who gives him iron and gives the separation of speech and the reign of the king. .
After that, the great seduction, the representations and the revelations were absorbed by its wonderful charm, which was a surprise, to write quickly the command of the sinew of the father to make her knight, Oria, at the top of the ark of the covenant. They escaped from death repeatedly and, of course, died in another. The son of a prophet .. and you have a son of a king and come to power a boy of eleven years ..
Then the prophet David became preoccupied with sin and sin, and the ghost of Europe came and asked forgiveness for forgiveness. He is the strongest and most courageous knight of prehistoric times. He is the strongest and most courageous knight of prehistoric times and history. He does not have the right to flee from Imamah, to cross the Jordan River and chase the Jordan River. He stands in front of God by the Mount of Olives and calls upon Rebbetzin And then he is asked to inherit Solomon as king to come to the lottery for more than once.
And since the purity of time for a period of dust of some thing was to be aware of another date is completely different with fate ..
That evening he entered as the permanent attendant of the mihrab to worship. But when the runner closed all the doors of the Grand Palace and Hamet Btslima all the keys as usual opposed to the center of the palace palace ghost of a strange man, to say to the alleged muffled:
Who will enter you, at this time of night, to come here? "
Do not know that the owner of this palace man jealous Chjaa fierce fighter declares all the mighty .. And perhaps Vtk you the other .., responded to the man saying without a word or guard or chastity:
I am the one who does not fear and enter all the houses without the permission of her family. "Here the runner marveled, to hear their dialogue with David herself and to say to her with great arrogance, calling out to me with all my strength and pride:
What is it that made you enter my house without my ears and at this time of night "
The man said coldly and confidently:
I am the one who even entered the kings without their ear, "said David:
You authorized the King of Death said to him:
Yes I am the king of death, he said to him:
We received a visitor or a mother who said:
He said:
Forget about ?? Answer :
I'll torture you, "he said steadily:
I .., and why did not Tnzrni before her to Astzid and prepare for my appointment, "he said to him:
When your father died, then your brother and then your son.
"The pens have dried up and the newspapers have been lifted." After that, he did not flounder or try to shout or understand a sample, as did Mousi al-Kalim, but he raised Sabatba and Huisher to the top, saying:
Yes to the Companion .. Yes to the Supreme Companion, "and he left everything and the innocence and the King of Death looks with admiration to the king of David, the great man, which no one should ever say,
Actually, Dunya is owned only by God .. King of kings and Lord of great greatness.


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