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Hezbollah threatens to invade Galilee in the depths of Israel

Hezbollah threatens to invade Galilee in the depths of Israel
After Hezbollah entered Syria, it published articles in Israel and around the world about the danger of the invasion by Hezbollah. And that the Hezbollah elements in the next war will not remain in Lebanon, but will transfer the war to the Israeli inside, and occupy settlements, and translate the rules of the Israeli army, taking advantage of the experience they accumulated in the Syrian war.
The third Lebanon war is on the way, time is passing, and it is clear to everyone that it will be more deadly than the Second Lebanon War.
Naturally, in Israel they are particularly focused on the threat of the home front: Hezbollah's massive missile arsenal of between 100 and 150,000 rockets, which is tied to who is asked, and when. In the Second Lebanon War, Hizbollah succeeded in launching 1,000 to 2,000 rockets, according to estimates.
But this is not the only difference. In the 10 years that Hezbollah has built, it has built a ground force that is not a few - the Organization's "arm of righteousness" - which has accumulated rich operational experience and great combat means in Syria.
Most senior officials of the Israeli security establishment agree that the war in Syria is the one that postponed an additional battle between Hezbollah and Israel. But this war is in its final stages, and hence, Hezbollah elements can return to resist Israel.
For years, sources in Israel have claimed that the war in Syria is weakening Hezbollah, because of the losses it has received and in light of criticism from Lebanese citizens of its involvement in the fighting.
This picture has been replaced with the publication of films about the battles that show the capabilities and successes of Hezbollah: in Israel they began to realize that this particular war gave the Organization no less than the great price it paid there.
After Hezbollah entered Syria, it published articles in Israel and around the world about the danger of the invasion by Hezbollah. "In the next war, Hezbollah elements will not remain in Lebanon, they will transfer the war to Israeli territory," he wrote in the Foreign Policy newspaper. They described how Hizballah elements who accumulated experience in the Syrian war would attack IDF bases, They will occupy settlements.
The Israeli army, for its part, published large maneuvers aimed at preventing this scenario.
According to intelligence sources and in the light of the films that came out of Syria, Hezbollah uses dozens of T-72 tanks, a combat tank with a 125-millimeter cannon, an automatic detonator and dozens of old Russian T-62 tanks with A 115-millimeter artillery and several very old T-55 tanks, all of which came to the organization from the South Lebanon Army and from Syria. Hezbollah has several hundred armored vehicles.
To this respectable list, we must add hundreds of shoulder-launched missiles against the aircraft, including the American Stinger missiles that arrived from Afghanistan, Russian SA-16 and SA-18 missiles capable of dropping a plane 5 kilometers and a height of 3.5 kilometers.
As well as SA-8 and SA-17 anti-aircraft batteries. There are also reports that Hezbollah has much more dangerous batteries such as the SA-22 obtained from Iran and from Syrian army stores.
Anti-armor missiles are another area in which the organization has proved itself during the fighting in Syria. If the IDF fighter with anti-tank missiles has fired a missile or two in each of its operations, the Hezbollah fighter fires more than 15 rockets during one rehabilitation operation. In the fighting in Syria, they have fired far more and have done very well.
Weapons stores are not the only thing that worries Israeli army commanders. More concerned about the fighting in Syria, that Hezbollah fighters have learned to work within the framework of large and joint combat operations. "If you used to see several groups with bullet-and-mortar rounds, today you see them launching attacks with fiery support from tanks, cannons, snipers, even air-to-air fire, including aircraft," he said. march".
"Fighting in Syria has become an effective school for joint fighting, they are learning to run the war, but they are also learning to live under fire," he said, "really worried that they understand how they face common fighting as well. The enemy knows how to inflict losses on you. "


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