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A disobedient Soviet officer saves the world from a certain loss

تسجيل نادر للرجل الذي أنقذ العالم !!!
A disobedient Soviet officer saves the world from a certain loss
Soviet Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov took a decisive moment in 1983, the most dangerous decision in his life and in the history of the world, and nuclear missiles were not allowed to start out of its confines.
This interlude occurred on September 26, 1983.
In the Soviet Army, Stanislav Petrov, a senior official at the Nuclear Early Warning Systems Command Center, said that five US nuclear missiles were fired at Soviet territory and a loud siren sounded on the monitoring screens.
This officer had the fate of the Soviet Union and the fate of the entire world at that difficult moment, especially as the data of the alarms and monitoring seemed perfectly correct and flawless.
The orders laid down in a "protocol" required him, after proving it, to make the decision and respond to the "American nuclear attack" full nuclear arsenal of his country, but he did not.
This officer was able to maintain his coolness and did not get caught up in the deadly warning, which turned out to be a lie.
He was in great trouble. His failure to make a decision and officially report a nuclear attack, to launch a counterattack that would have destroyed his country and the deaths of millions of his own countrymen, would endanger his life personally.
This officer, who was saved to save the world, who died last year at the age of 77, recalled those terrible moments in a video, saying: "I knew perfectly well that no one would correct me ... no one would dare. Full responsibility for everything. "
Would you have to change the decision and act according to the protocol?
And all the rest of his hands when he answers these questions, shouting with his hands "Lord! What I did was the only right decision."
As if he had just awakened from a nightmare, he spoke to a gathering of attendees, saying: "This was a difficult decision to insanity. As you can see, we are all alive and healthy ... and here I sit with you here and share smiles."
"I had to confirm this attack, and many people die. All of our troops will be put in full combat readiness, ballistic missiles with 11,000 heads, and what Hiroshima will be," he said. And Nagasaki compared to it .. children's games! ".
Source: RT
Mohamed Eltaher


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