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عرض المشاركات من مايو, 2018

Trump imposes steel and aluminum tariffs on the E.U., Canada and Mexico

Trump imposes steel and aluminum tariffs on the E.U., Canada and Mexico
By David J. Lynch, Josh Dawsey and Damian Paletta
President Trump on Thursday imposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from the European Union, Canada and Mexico, triggering immediate retaliation from U.S. allies and protests from American businesses and farmers.
The tariffs — 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum — take effect at midnight Thursday, marking a major escalation of the trade war between the United States and its top trading partners.
Stung by the U.S. action, the allies quickly hit back. The E.U. said it would impose import taxes on politically sensitive items like bourbon from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky. Mexico said it would levy tariffs on American farm products, while Canada zeroed in on the same metals that Trump had slammed.
Capping the extraordinary day, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed that he had rejected an ultimatum from Vice Pre…

BDS Again: European Nations Boycott Eurovision in Jerusalem By Hana Levi Julian

BDS Again: European Nations Boycott Eurovision in Jerusalem
By Hana Levi Julian
The Eurovision music competition — the longest running music competition in the world, watching by hundreds of millions of viewers around the globe — is slated to be held next year in Jerusalem after Israel’s contestant, Netta Barzilai, won this year’s competition with her entry, “Toy.”
But so far, at least three European nations — Iceland, Sweden and Ireland — have announced they will not send representatives to the competition next year in Jerusalem — in order to boycott Israel’s capital city.
A petition of 25,000 signatures — out of its population of 350,000 — demanded Iceland ensure it would not compete in Jerusalem. The move by Iceland was a huge insult, since earlier this year Israel provided a major tourism grant to Iceland’s small, low-cost airline in order to give it a boost in establishing a new route between Tel Aviv and New York with a stop in its capital city.
Israelis have begun to travel to Icela…

هند العميد الدلالات والمعاني الجوهرية في قصة((اغتصاب وردي)) أياد النصيري 2018

هند العميد الدلالات والمعاني الجوهرية
في قصة((اغتصاب وردي))
أياد النصيري 2018 بدأت (هند العميد)الكتابة مدركةً لطبيعة فن القصة القصيرة مؤمنة أنها ترضي نفسها أولاً وكأنها في جهد دائب لاكتشافها وهي في هذا كلّه لا تجترح فناً ولا تغاوي هدفاً فالأدب في رأيها لا يحتاج إلى قيود خارجة عنه بل يؤدي وظيفته من تلقاء نفسه لأن رسالة الأدب فيه ولعل في مثل هذه الالتفاتة إلى غاية الكتابة مما يعطي (العميد) رسوخاً في الفن لم يبلغ شأوه إلا القلة القليلة ممن اندفعوا فيه وكتبوا كثيراً هي كاتبة بامتياز للرواية العربية ومبدعة في السرد لديها قاموسها المكثف بالمفردات-والحوار- وكذلك تتقن القصة القصيرة وفي كل قصصها فكرة موضوع يتعايش الفرد معه وفي احداثة السردية والتوصيف الموجز.وتميل القصة (إغتصاب وردي)إلى الاشتغال على الهموم النسوية الناجمة عن الزواج والأوضاع الاجتماعية التي تندرج في مآل اضطهاد المرأة وافتقادها للحرية وتستخدم شيئاً من التحليل النفسي الذي يتلاقى مع توصيف النمط الاجتماعي السائد الذي تبدو فيه المرأة منسحقة تحت وطأة الهيمنة الذكورية حين تصير المرأة إلى مجال إمتاع للرجل الغارق في الفسق والملذات والفساد. …

Osama El Hadi--Search for political power and legitimacy lost? status

Osama El Hadi
Ramadan kareem
Search for political power and legitimacy lost? status
The raging race of the Sudanese political mercenaries to rehabilitate the services of the National Congress for another period? Are they originally farmers lost from the political movement of Islam, no matter what?
Mutual services are the interests and benefits that have contributed to many of the vertical and horizontal cracks of the Sudanese political movement !!! The talk about parties is the jurisprudence of the premature times are still parties looking for themselves? After absence and absence extended more than twenty-nine years ;;
Whatever we say about the weakness of the regime, we find that the opposition political reality more vulnerable and dead than the ruling regime stages?!?
May everyone reach the year 2020 with the remaining names of the modern political history?
And the joy of landing soft landing
And champions of the tournament to quell the illegality of the regime
Under the constant decomposit…

ديوان إلكتروني للراحلة الشاعرة كه زال إبراهيم خدر

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
نطل عليكم من جديد وبالجديد نزين صفحتنا علها تكون منبر عطاء ومنارة للحرف والقلم
ديوان إلكتروني للراحلة الشاعرة كه زال إبراهيم خدر
فالشاعر لا يموت أبدا بل تبقى حروفه تحتوي روحه ولو بعد زمن،
تحياتي وتقديري
 — مع ‏‎Kazhal Ibrahim‎‏.

Europe Oria dust -Fathi Abdel Aziz Mohamed

Oria dust
Fathi Abdel Aziz Mohamed
The same day with the springy Middle Eastern daffy Daffy Shafeef, I felt bad when I saw a boulder bathe not on the banks of the Litani river in the Upper Galilee or Kiryat Shmona or in the vicinity of Lake Tiberias. Fascist rule in the town of Nazareth, Vtuart Mahtavp and dropped her long hair long Vgtha all and the soles of her feet
This is the Lord's will to raise the Almighty from whom He wills from a humble origin to a prophet who gives him iron and gives the separation of speech and the reign of the king. .
After that, the great seduction, the representations and the revelations were absorbed by its wonderful charm, which was a surprise, to write quickly the command of the sinew of the father to make her knight, Oria, at the top of the ark of the covenant. They escaped from death repeatedly and, of course, died in another. The son of a prophet .. and you have a son of a king and come to power a boy of eleven years ..
Then the prophet David became…

Germany seeks deal to end Brussels-Washington trade dispute

Germany seeks deal to end Brussels-Washington trade dispute
Berlin is interested in a deal that would prevent the escalation of a trade war between the United States and Europe, according to German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier.
“We need to try to avoid higher tariffs,” Altmaier said Monday. He will discuss US trade tariffs with European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom and US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross at a meeting of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris this week.
France’s Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said the future of business ties between Europe and America are at stake. “We should share many objectives such as tackling together the issues of steel overcapacity and how to overhaul the WTO so that it ensures a genuine global level-playing field,” Le Maire told the Financial Times. “But we can’t do that together with threats of unjustified tariffs weighing over our head.”
US President Donald Trump is imposing a 25 percent tariff on ste…

‘Kim’s sister hovers like the lady of the house’: RT reporter visits N.Korea's inner sanctum

The private Pyongyang residence that the RT crew was allowed into. / RT Few foreign journalists have had the chance to cover Kim Jong-un firsthand, but RT’s Ilya Petrenko became one of them, when he accompanied Russian FM Sergey Lavrov for a visit to the North Korean leader’s private palace. Hours before the Russian foreign minister was due to meet Kim on Thursday, the traveling journalists, who had not been handed a schedule of the meeting, were assembled in a room of “what is by North Korean standards a luxury hotel” in Pyongyang and searched, before all their communication devices were taken away by security officials. The RT crew was then directed to an unmarked minibus, and driven through the Korean capital. RT ✔@RT_com

A disobedient Soviet officer saves the world from a certain loss

A disobedient Soviet officer saves the world from a certain loss
Soviet Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov took a decisive moment in 1983, the most dangerous decision in his life and in the history of the world, and nuclear missiles were not allowed to start out of its confines.
This interlude occurred on September 26, 1983.
In the Soviet Army, Stanislav Petrov, a senior official at the Nuclear Early Warning Systems Command Center, said that five US nuclear missiles were fired at Soviet territory and a loud siren sounded on the monitoring screens.
This officer had the fate of the Soviet Union and the fate of the entire world at that difficult moment, especially as the data of the alarms and monitoring seemed perfectly correct and flawless.
The orders laid down in a "protocol" required him, after proving it, to make the decision and respond to the "American nuclear attack" full nuclear arsenal of his country, but he did not.
This officer was able to maintain his coolness…

US slaps Europe, Canada & Mexico with steel, aluminum tariffs

A steelworker operates machinery © Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters
US slaps Europe, Canada & Mexico with steel, aluminum tariffs
Unable to win concessions from from its trading partners ahead of the Friday deadline, the US has introduced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union.
The new 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports from the EU, Canada and Mexico come into force at midnight (04:00 GMT, Friday), according to US Commerce Secretary Ross.
We look forward to continued negotiations, both with Canada and Mexico on the one hand, and with the European Commission on the other hand, because there are other issues that we also need to get resolved,” Ross told the reporters in a telephone briefing on Thursday. Ross offered little detail about what the enumerated states could do to have the tariffs lifted.
Earlier this week, Ross met with EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom and in Paris to discuss the issue as Brus…

حراك خارجي لتجميد أزمة داخلية صبحي غندور*

حراك خارجي لتجميد أزمة داخلية
صبحي غندور*

يبدي الرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب حرصاً شديداً على نجاح القمّة المرتقبة بينه وبين الزعيم الكوري الشمالي كيم جونغ أون، رغم ما ساد بينهما من مواقف سلبية خلال العام الماضي، ففي نجاح القمّة هذه، سيفوز ترامب بلقب "بطل السلام" في شرق آسيا، وسيكون ذلك حافزاً لوسائل الإعلام الأميركية من أجل التركيز على إنجاز مهمّ في السياسة الخارجية بدلاً من التعامل الإعلامي اليومي مع مسألة التحقيقات في حملته الانتخابية.
فمجرّد التهيئة الآن للقمّة الأميركية/الكورية أدّى إلى تأجيل اجتماع كان من المفترض حدوثه بين ترامب والمحقّق روبرت موللر للإجابة عن بعض الأسئلة الخاصّة بالتحقيقات القانونية، وذلك تحت حجّة انشغال الرئيس الآن في المفاوضات مع كوريا عشية موعد القمّة، فكيف سيكون الأمر بعد القمّة، مع العلم أنّ مفاوضات واجتماعات عديدة ستتبع القمّة لتنفيذ ما قد يتّفق عليه؟!.
إنّ قمّة سنغافورة ستكون مقدّمة لتحرّك واسع يريده ترامب في مطلع هذا الصيف على عدّة جبهات دولية بهدف تحقيق ما هو في الأجندة الخارجية لإدارته، وأيضاً من أجل تجميد التحقيقات بشأن حملته الانتخابية أو تهميشها سياسياً …