الأربعاء، 16 مايو 2018

Whatsapp introduces new features ..

WhatsApp August seems to have finally found a way to help its users track long group conversations, as the app launches new tools to improve the work environment and chat across groups.
To get these features, you must click on the new "@" button that appears in the bottom corner of the chat page after the user updates the application.
The Facebook-based instant messaging company announced new features that would include a group description that sets the chat target, and can be found via the "Add group description" option in the "Group Info" section. This description appears when a new person joins the group.
The new features for group administrators will allow you to set terms and a usage policy that anyone can see before joining the group.
With these new tools, users can leave any group permanently, making sure they are not re-added to the same group, and group founders can no longer be deleted, according to a company statement to advertise these services on their blog.
The new features also include the ability to quickly monitor users' messages that are mentioned in group conversations, and enable group members to review individual messages within group conversations, based on the search next to the list of participants.
These new features are available from WattsUp, which is similar to the cluster in the Tagram application, by updating the application in both the IOS and Android operating systems.