الجمعة، 18 مايو 2018

A "Watched" user needs to enjoy the new features

A "Watched" user needs to enjoy the new features
Many users of the IM application need to send more than one message to a user, but without a group chat, especially during holiday and holiday periods.
Many users also want to chat on a "mix" with more than one group at the same time without mixing the groups.
Watsab's user needs to enjoy the new features of the report, which are "broadcast lists," which vary slightly in how they operate between Android and iOS.
To run it, follow the steps below,
On Android:
- Click the "Chat" icon at the top of the "Applies to" app page.
- Select the three vertical points in the upper-right corner.
- Select the "New Broadcast" or "New Broadcast" icon.
Contacts-Select the names of the people to whom you want to send messages.
- Select the green bookmark in the lower right corner, to start chatting with the selected contacts.
- Select the "Chat" icon at the bottom of the "Allow" screen.
- Select the "Broadcast Lists" icon in the lower right corner.
- Select the "New Broadcast List" button.
- Check the boxes next to the people you want to include in your chats.
- When you're ready, click the "Create" button in the top right corner.